Brown-Foreman INSPIRE Camp Application Site

Please Submit Your Application Early

Space in this exciting camp is limited, and admission is extremely competitive. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be considered.

Applications will be accepted through May 4th and accepted campers will be notified early June.

Application Instructions

  1. To begin the application process, you must first create an account by following the "Registration" link at the top of this page, then choose the "Student" option. You will then receive an email confirming you have completed the registration process.
  2. You can log into the account you just created by following the "Login" link above or the link in the confirmation email, then choosing the "Student" option and entering the userid and password that you created.

    You must ensure that you complete the entire application, including uploading your transcript and teacher recommendation. Once you upload the forms you will then see an indicator that the forms are awaiting approval by the INSPIRE Camp staff.

  3. Those admitted to the INSPIRE Camp will receive an email notification on how to sign up for the camp.

    Only those admitted to the camp will be allowed to participate.


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